Get PCO licence Confused? Don’t worry, It’s a simple process and we help you every step of the way!

Need a PCO License?

All the information you require to apply for the PCO License London. The costs, requirements & application forms are all detailed here. Download a FREE Application Forms Pack. Before you apply, read the requirements for a pco license, step-by-step instructions on how to complete the application and for those of you who dread exams, there is the Topographical Test. We offer a Guaranteed Pass Service for the Topographical Test (a test which all applicants for the pco license must undertake). Having a PCO License for London is very rewarding especially with the new onset of mobile apps hitting the market. Potentially you can earn £1000+ every week within reasonable working hours.

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Business Details

Approximately 12,000 applications are made to the TfL each year. Becoming one of London’s Licensed Private Hire Drivers is a life changing career and this site has all the information and advice making the process easier for you to start your new career in the minicab trade. Hopefully, you will find this site has all the answers to your questions. We constantly add new articles to the site and keep you up-to-date with all the latest changes affecting the license application process. Please follow us on twitter and facebook.

What is the Public Carriage Office?

There are approximately 60,000 private hire drivers, 49,000 licensed private hire vehicles and around 2,800 private hire operators in London. Over 3 million trips are made around London every year by taxi and private hire vehicles. These are all licensed by the TfL or what we all still know as the Public Carriage Office (PCO). This body ensures that vehicles, drivers and operators meet the high standards required to meet legislation.

The PCO is now also known as TfL Taxi and Private Hire which perhaps describes more accurately the area they operate in, but this site still has all the relevant information you will need to get your license. So apart from the name nothing else has changed.

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